2021. It’s buzzing, just like Neon.

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My prediction for the defining word for proptech in 2021 is;


The past several weeks have been a whirlwind of interviews, introductions, reconnecting, deep-dive research, and more. I have had conversations that range from the founders of pre-revenue startups to the CMO of a $2b + industry giant. The overarching theme from all of them was the fact that the walk to talk ratio is going to flip in a big way. Overall, the industry is buzzing big time. It has a familiar feel.

Bonus defining adjectives for 2021 (some of them brought to you by Captain Obvious) :


It’s alive and well, and judging from some of the MVPs I’ve seen, things will get interesting. The funding rounds will flow like the chocolate fountain at a quinceanera.

Shattered Glass

2021 will be another year with amazing women taking the reigns of execution. Two-thirds of the executives I have spoken to within the last few months have been women of amazing distinction, including the CMO I referenced earlier in this article.


The acquisition train is going to continue to pick up steam. It’s a quicker path to execution for those that have the resources. Update 1/14: Wav Group Adds M&A Advisory Division


A double-edged sword. The Biden administration has laid out a vision to create meaningful paths to homeownership that, if deployed properly, have merit. The other side of the sword is going to be the continued efforts of the government at different levels to hold the industry’s feet to the fire on a number of fronts. It has the potential to throw a wrench into the path of execution for some.


MLS consolidation is going to gain momentum. NAR and CMLS will ramp up their efforts to educate and get the brokerage community involved in mitigating the obstacles that consolidation creates for the marketplace.


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