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I plan to relaunch a podcast I had from around '06 to late '09, Mike's Mic. It was a popular resource regarding the future of real estate technology and Web 2.0.  Until then, you can hear some blasts from the past in 2008/9. 

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I met Gary Vaynerchuck in the speakers' lounge at an event that he keynoted in NYC in 2009. I conducted an interview with him a few weeks later. The predictions he makes almost a decade ago regarding social are spot-on and a big reason his company is one of the leading agencies in the world for social media and more. 

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Guy Kawasaki is an acclaimed author, investor, and an early Apple executive. We were speakers at Blogworld in '08. In this interview, we discuss his experience with his home buying experience using technology and his newest book at the time.  

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