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Michael Price
mike AT mikeprice dot NET


Proptech industry veteran with twenty-five plus years of real estate technology and marketing experience. 


Project Manager

Openn North America, Inc.

October 2021 - Present

Introducing a new product to North America from an established provider of a unique offer management solution based in Australia. 2021 Class Member of NAR Reach Australia and 2022 Class Member of NAR Reach Canada

  • More to come!

Content Marketing Specialist / Trainer

FBS, Creators of Flexmls

Feb. 2017 - Oct. 2020

Created content and promotional training to help real estate professionals succeed with their digital marketing efforts.

  • Built a complete library of content marketing for real estate professionals, MLS staff, and executives

  • Conducted 2 to 4 live webinar training events monthly focused on brokers, agents & MLS staff

  • Created MLS content toolkit for association executives and staff

  • Produced and published all social media content, organic and paid

  • Created and maintained social media and content marketing calendars

  • Represented FBS Products as a brand evangelist


Business Consultant

Marketing, Business Development, Content Marketing, Social Media

2011 - 2017

Provided marketing and start-up consulting services.

  • Broker Proptech Consulting

  • Branding and Identity Consulting

  • SWOT analysis, pitch deck, and product development consulting for SAAS start-ups

Founder / Managing Partner

Sitetraffic Digital Agency

2001 - 2013

Digital Imaging Studio. In-house production technology, hosting & distribution process for 360-degree panoramic imaging for the hospitality and real estate industry.

  • Produced residential and commercial real estate listing enhancements via high dynamic range photos and virtual tours

  • Interactive Campus Tours (the University of St. Thomas, Texas A&M Business School, U of H Law Center)

  • Created the EZ360 virtual home tour brand and online processing platform marketed by First American Title in the more significant Houston market

  • 2010 Photographed and processed over 300 High Dynamic Range Hotel Virtual Tours For International Hotel Group via a contract with Photoweb, Inc. (Holiday Inn, Staybridge, Etc.)

  • Created the EZFlyer SAAS system as a joint venture with First American title that allowed agents to upload photos and produce property flyers in a web-based interface system




2010 - 2011

Contract position for Zillow Group for the Mortgages Unzipped Blog

  • Authored mortgage industry-related blog content

  • Recruited all contributing authors

  • Edited all post submissions

  • Substantially increased page views and subscribers before Zillow's IPO




MLBroadcast (360Podcast, LLC)
2006 – 2010

SAAS service that converted real estate listing photos and descriptions into videos.

  • Created a syndication system for converting photos to videos

  • The first podcast distribution system for real estate listings

  • Implemented professional voice-overs

  • Authored a go to blog and podcast resource for real estate marketing. (Mike's Corner & Mike's Mic)



Realty Ideas was a pioneer application service provider that created a complete suite of web-based real estate transaction and management services.

  • Created an application service provider platform branded as Agent Profiles™ and Broker Profiles™, one of the first secure systems that provided role-based vendor permission access to a transaction from listing creation to close.

  • Instantsites™ browser-based, template website creator for brokers and agents.

  • Developed ProSchedule™, a web-based up-desk scheduling system for brokers.




Flexnet Inc.

1995 - 1999

Flexnet was an ISP started by the founder of a local title company. I started as a consultant, was promoted to sales manager, VP of sales, and marketing. I took the helm of the company as President in 1997 :

  • Created one of the first web-based real estate listing search for Houston area brokers and agents

  • Designed & Hosted over 60% of significant real estate broker web sites in the Houston area

  • Increased consumer Internet access subscriber base from 300 to over 5,000 at time of acquisition

  • The Flexnet corporate website was awarded best website in Houston by The Greater Houston Partnership (Chamber of Commerce)

  • Guided FlexNet, Inc. through a successful acquisition by former owners of Lufkin-Conroe Telephone company (Datacentric Inc.)



What I Do

•  Content Marketing •  Social Media •  SAAS Proptech  •  Blogging   •  Branding & Identity  •  Business Development •  Public Speaking •  Training