Mike Price

Background & History

1983 - 1995
Sales Management In Transportation Industry
Retail Furniture Franchise Operator
Marketing/PR/Events Consultant


1995- 2017

In 95 I landed a marketing project as a freelance consultant. Flexnet, Inc. was a start-up ISP launched as an adjunct business by a local title company.


Bob Gustavsen had a grand vision of the future of the real estate industry and the impact technology would have on it. Bob hired me to handle sales and the introduction of Flexnet into the local market. Soon thereafter I assumed the role of  VP of sales & marketing. I was promoted to President in early 1997. We grew our dial-up and ISDN subscriber base to over 5,000. Flexnet was one of just a few ISP's that had a dedicated development and design department. We produced award winning corporate websites in dozens of verticals. Notable projects included an international hotel booking site, a golf equipment e-commerce site, financial investing sites, health portals, health device companies and many more. Our primary vertical was real estate and at one point we held the vast majority of market share for real estate broker web site development and hosting in Houston Texas.


Flexnet was acquired by Datacentric Inc. in 1999. Datacentric was a technology holding start-up created by the former owners of a SE texas regional telcom company (Lufkin/Conroe Telephone Exchange). Through a joint venture, I accepted an equity stake and position of CEO of a newly created application service provider (ASP), Realty Ideas.  In addition to funding, the transaction included the transfer of all real estate clients and real estate related IP of Flexnet.


Realty Ideas built one of the first on-line residential real estate transaction management platforms. It was a entirely web based, secure, end-to-end system developed to handle transactions from listing creation to post closing client relationship management. Secure folder access allowed all vendors party to a transaction access to content based on their role along with a browser-based templates to create websites and manage web marketing. Our first client, First American Title acquired a license to a white labeled version of the platform that was branded as FastRealty.


Realty Ideas also developed a suite of web applications including ProSchedule, one of the first entirely web based showing/"updesk" scheduling systems. Our product lineup also included, Broker Profiles, Agent Profiles, YourHome.Net property portal and more.


Through the years I've been involved with several real estate technology ventures. MLBroadcast was a platform that automated the creation of listing videos with professional narration through a web based interface. The videos were then syndicated through web sharing and podcasting directories. My wife and I operated a very successful virtual tour company (Sitetraffic) that produced a large volume of home, hotel, campus and commercial property productions. We created a platform for  First American Title branded as EZ360 and EZFlyer for their markets throughout Texas. I helped establish Real Estate Barcamps, created a very popular real estate marketing blog & podcast (Mike's Corner). I conducted interviews with notable authors and entrepreneurs like Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuck. I worked for a year as an editor for Zillow's mortgage blog and helped establish their re tech blog GeekEstate, now operated by an ex Zillow exec where I still contribute today. I have also enjoyed opportunities as a panelist, speaker and moderator at many industry events including Blog World and Inman Connect.


2017 - Today

In February of 2017 I joined the team of at FBS Data, the creators of  FlexMLS . FBS was selected as one of Forbe's magazine's small business of the year for 2018. As a trainer and content marketing specialist, I help mls execs, brokers and agents implement Internet marketing strategies with FBS's IDX technology products.


I enjoy my gig and the team I work with. If you're a real estate pro with a @flexmls user name, email me or better yet, like our facebook page to keep up with a feed of great resources and content.


Once in a while I post on Geekestate.com Drew Meyers has morphed it into the new Geekestate Mastermind Community where a group of highly engaged real estate professionals and real estate technology leaders share a vision for the future of the industry. Contact me if you're interested in applying for membership.


I end every client e-mail with, "Here's to your success". I take it seriously and stand behind it to the best of my ability every day.

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Guy Kawasaki - Podcast Interview 2008

I met Guy at Blogworld in Las Vegas where he was Keynoting. I later had a chance to do a podcast interview with him where we talked about Macs and reviewed his newest book at the time, Realty Check



Gary Vaynerchuck Pocast Interview - 2009

I met Gary Vee in the speakers lounge at Inman Connect in 2009. I did a podcast interview with him regarding the real estate industry and his predicitons for social media tools etc. It's worth a listen just for that.


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